Me, Myself and I

or How I try to describe more than 25 years of life with pompous titles and words

Gabriel Urbain

PhD student and Research assistant in Robotics and Machine learning



PhD Student - Research Assistant at the IDLab - imec

Topic: Brain-inspired CPG architectures for robust locomotion learning on quadruped robots. Human Brain Project. Neurorobotics branch.

Since October 2015. Ghent, Belgium


Researcher at the numediart Institute

Topic: Development of a Search Engine Based on Audio Similarities for Large Collections of Foley Sounds.. Research in partnership with Dame Blanche SA and CETIC. The produced algorithm is currently in the process of patenting.

February - October 2015. Mons, Belgium

Thales Alenia Space

Research and Innovation Internship

Topic: Feasibility Analysis of an Electro-Mechanical Control System for Ariane Rocket Boosters. Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Marc Bekemans.

August - September 2013. Charleroi, Belgium


Research Initiation Internship

Topic: Semi-Automatic Creation of a 3D Model for the City of Mons. Supervisor: Prof. Dr. T. Dutoit. IT Cluster.

July - August 2011. Mons, Belgium


Research Initiation Internship

Topic: Implementation of C/C++ Libraries in TRNSYS 16.1 for Heat Pump Study. Supervisor: R. Lepore. Energy Cluster.

July - August 2010. Mons, Belgium


Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Master Project at the Space Systems Laboratory

Topic: Calibration and Fusion of Stereoscopic and Time-of-Flight Cameras for Zero Gravity Targets Inspection. Supervisor: Dr. Alvar Saenz-Otero. Passed with the highest mention.

June 2014 – November 2014. Cambridge, USA

ISAE | Supaero

Master of Science in AeroSpace Engineering

Double Master Degree trough T.I.M.E. Network. Major : Space Systems, Telecommunications and Networks.

August 2012 – November 2014. Toulouse, France

UMons | Faculté Polytechnique

Master of Science in Electrical Engineering

Major: Multimedia et Telecommunications. Graduated with Honors.

September 2011 – November 2014. Mons, Belgium

UMons | Faculté Polytechnique

Bachelor of Science in Engineering

Graduated with Honors.

September 2008 – June 2011. Mons, Belgium


Morphological Properties of Mass-Spring Networks for Optimal Locomotion Learning

G. Urbain, J. Degrave, B. Carette, F. wyffels and J. Dambre. In Frontiers in Neurorobotics. 2017

A Semantic and Content-Based Search User Interface for Browsing Large Collections of Foley Sounds

G. Urbain, C. Frisson, A. Moinet and T. Dutoit. In: Audio Mostly - A conference on interaction with sound. 2016

INSPECT Sensor Suite for On-Orbit Inspection and Characterization with Extravehicular Activity Spacecraft

D. Steinberg, T. Sheerin and G. Urbain. In: 45th International Conference on Environmental Systems. 2015


In case this page would not be fully up-to-date, you can find the last details on my LinkedIn profile.

A PDF version of my resume can also be downloaded in English or in French (for the last version, please refer to the english document).


Français (native)


English (fluent. TOEFL IBT 105/120 in 2014)


Nederlands (medium)


Español (basic)


IT skills

Operating Systems | Middleware
Linux ● Embedded Linux ● Windows ● ROS

C ● C++ ● Python ● Matlab ● Simulink ● Java ● Bash ● VHDL ● OpenCV ● Git ● LaTeX

Embedded Platforms | Low-level development
X86 ● Atmel AVR (Arduinos, self-designed boards) ● ARM (BeagleBone, RaspberryPI, Odroid) ● Neuromorphic Hardware (SpiNNaker, BrainScaleS)

Technical skills

Embedded Systems ● Image and Audio Processing ● Neural Networks ● Machine Learning ● Robotics ● Electronics ● Telecommunications ● Space Systems

Associative Life

Human Brain Project (HBP)
Student Representative
Elected Student Representative at the HBP Education Programme Committee until May 2019.

Development of robot platforms for competitions or societal purpose.

Administrator, communication team
Organization of hackatons and events confronting people from technological and cultural backgrounds to define the future of museum mediation in Belgium

Art and campus activities
Gent Universitair Symphonisch Orkest (UGent) ● Sailing (MIT) ● CubeSat (ISAE) ● Scuba Diving (ISAE) ● Supaero Jazz Band (ISAE) ● Rowing (ISAE) ● Student Culture Committee (UMons) ● Student Regional Committee (UMons) ● Board of Faculty (UMons) ● Auto-evaluation Commission (UMons) ● Board of Libraries (UMons) ● Drums ● Trumpet ● Piano ● Choral music